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Children in a park

Inspirational out-of-school activities for your children


Convenient for the parents and exciting for the kids

Kids in the Museum

Mainly for children between 5 and 12 years old

Welcome! First time here?
Here is what we do

We provide solutions to fill your children's schedule with activities that are both fun and educative.

But we are not an after-class care center (安親班) nor a cram school (補習班). We don't teach and we don't have a place in which we welcome children.

What we do basically is we go to your children's school (or your home, or any place that you want) to pick them up, then bring them to some places to do an activity, and bring them back to your home (or any place that you want).

Kids in Art Class

Most of the activities we propose allow your children to boost their self-development and try new inspiring things. Taipei is full of opportunities! There are so many things your children could do; go to the zoo, make cakes, visit museums, etc.

We make this possible and easy, our team will take care of everything while you are busy at work or simply want time for yourself during weekends or holiday!

Beside, if your children can speak foreign languages, you will love the fact that we also have native speakers able to conduct our activities entirely in Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, English or French to let your children naturally practice their language skills.

​We usually welcome children between 5 and 12 years old but we can accept younger or older children under certain circumstances, just ask us.

Service's flexibility

  1. YOUR choice: pick any activity that your kids like or want to try

  2. YOUR schedule: choose the date and time of the activity

  3. YOUR language: all our activities can be conducted in Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Japanese or French

  4. YOUR convenience: tell us when and where to pick-up your kids / send them back



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