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Hello, I am Marc!

I am French, my formal profession is special needs educator; I was also a dancer and have been in the mountains since my childhood. 

I have a long experience of taking care of children groups and being outdoor. 


Since I live in Taiwan I developed mountain guide activities for international tourism and disabled persons. I used to guide children for camp in France and created my own brand “Green Taiwan Camps” just before Covid.

The spirit of those camps is to give a physically and emotionally secure environment to let the child discover their own capacities and then to help them become more independent. My pleasure is to see every child smile and get more responsible through experiences.

Listen to an interview of Coach Marc:

Justine ZHANG

Hello! My name is Justine, I'm French, with Taiwanese and Chinese origins. I speak fluent French, English and Mandarin.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, and exploring the wonders of nature. I have hiked in the French Pyrenees, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and now Taiwan! It brings me great joy to share those moments with children.

In the past, I worked with children during a one-month-long educational camp designed to improve their English language skills in a fun way. My goal is to ensure that each child has a great time and returns home with new discoveries and fond memories.


Hi hi~ I'm the founder of Superkid 超悅小子.

When Marc needs more manpower on camps I'm always happy to jump in and co-guide Green Taiwan Camps.

I have extensive experience with children (guiding hundreds of children every year) but also a lot of outdoor experience. From seas to mountains I practiced a wide range of sports since I'm a child. I basically grew up in the forest and have wild-camped more times than I can possibly remember. These years taught that nature is beautiful, but can be unpredictable so I'm definitely on the safe side while outside, especially when bringing our little loved ones.

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