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Why is our service safe to use

We understand your concern about safety. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Actions speak better than words so we decided to list on this page everything we do to ensure that we offer a service which is as safe as possible. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or have any suggestion. We continuously work to improve safety levels and we would love to hear your opinion.


How do we prevent problems from happening?

✔ Experience of guides: The main criteria for the selection of our guides is whether or not they have experience with kids and whether they understand and can handle the responsibility. We do not put your kids in the hands of the first university student who comes to us looking for a part time job.

✔ Background-checks: We check and keep copies of the ID and criminal-records of our guides before they can start working on their own. Or we try to use other ways to check our guides’ integrity if their criminal-record cannot be obtained (some countries like Japan issue it only if it is required by a foreign administration, not by a private company).

✔ Safety briefings: There is an important part dedicated to safety in the briefings new guides receive when they start to work with us. And their commitment to comply with the safety rules is part of the contract we have with them. The safety rules review all sorts of scenario to make sure we anticipate and prevent problems from happening. In particular we insist on the most dangerous parts, especially on how to deal safely with transportation / streets navigation.

✔ Choice of the activities: Before proposing a new activity on our website our team always go there at least once to meet the service providers and check the safety features of the place. We will not bring any kid to places we feel do not represent a satisfactory level of safety or which do not comply with regulations.

✔ Program & Safety sheets: Upon booking we will provide you with a sheet that summarizes the program and the contact information of both the guide(s) and the places we are going to, enabling you to know at all time where your kid is and how to get in touch.

✔ Transfer of responsibility: We make it clear with each clients from which moment exactly & until which moment exactly we have the responsibility of the kids. And this “moment” is not about a time but about a transfer of responsibility. Our guides will not drop-off the kids unless there is a clear transfer of responsibility onto a next person, as validated by the client.

Should problems occur, how do we address them?

✔ Professionalism: The safety briefings we provide to our guides teach them how to react in case of problem so that that they take the good decisions without loosing time. We also insist on the fact that a problem with 1 kid must not create problem for other kids; so be relieved that if your kid is attending an activity with others, we will not be put in danger due to the behavior of others.

✔ Processes: We have a classification for different potential problematic situations and have graduate responses according to the importance of the problem. But even for non-severe situations our classification always count it as a situation of “emergency” which means, among others, that our guides are allowed to immediately spend company money without need for prior approval to solve the situation as soon as possible.

✔ Emergency information always on hand: For each activity the guide(s) also have a safety sheet (different from the version of the client) which contains both general safety instructions and information about the current activity (info about the children/parents, closest hospital, closest police station and their phone numbers, etc.)

✔ Plan “SOS Superkid”: In case one of our guide suddenly needs support during an activity, we have a system allowing him/her to quickly get help from other guides who are in the same area!

✔ Insurance: For every activity, we subscribe for each kid a travel insurance from Fubon (富邦人壽保險 的旅行平安險) which covers up to 600,000 TWD (currently by law the maximum insured amount for a child under 15yo is 615,000 TWD).

Feel reassured?

We hope that the above points proved that we don’t take safety lightly. But we realize that often feelings are not very rational and parents just need to have more contact with the company and/or the guides to feel reassured. So we would like to emphasize that:

    • You are very welcome to contact us anytime (why not now?~) and ask to meet us even if you are not a client. We love to meet people interested in our project :)
   • If you book, before the activity takes place, we will propose to send you more information on your guide(s), and why not having a call with them beforehand~
   • We will propose meetings before the beginning of each school-semester in different places in the city to allow you to come meet the team.

See you soon!

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