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長榮海事博物館 Evergreen Maritime Museum


[中文] 長榮海事博物館內共有5層樓,裡面展示有遠古至現代的船隻模型,甚至包含各種軍艦,館內有許多的多媒體互動裝置與可操作的模型,孩子能體驗到船隻駕駛、軍艦射擊,甚至航海貿易等情境,寓教於樂,生動有趣!三樓的海洋畫作展區,設有大面的3D投影牆,彷彿置身海底,讓孩子透過身歷其境的方式,認識海洋潮流的特色。 台灣四面環海,參觀海事博物館可啟發孩子對海洋與船舶文化的興趣,並開發他們內在的探險精神。 ——————費用—————— 服務費依時間長度 & 孩子人數而定 + 門票費:孩子 100元,陪玩老師 200元。 —————————————— *體驗活動的費用不是由我們決定,我們只是根據它們的網站資訊提供估算。 [English] Evergreen Maritime Museum has in total five floors. It displays ship models from ancient times to modern times, and even various warships. There are different interactive multimedia devices and practical models in the museum. Children can experience navigating, warship fight and even maritime trade, it's really fun and educative! The ocean painting exhibition area on 3F is equipped with a large 3D projection wall, making children feel like they are under the sea and allowing them to understand the characteristics of ocean trends in an amazing and immersive way. Taiwan is surrounded by sea. Visiting the Maritime Museum can inspire children's interest in ocean and ship culture, and develop their inner spirit of adventure. ——————PRICE—————— Our service fee depending on the duration & number of kids + entrance ticket fees: kid NT$ 100, our guide NT$ 200. ——————————————— *The activity fees do not depend on us, we just give you an estimation based on their websites.

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