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密室逃脫 Escape Room


[中文] 「密室逃脫」是「實境遊戲」的一種,有不同主題的模擬情境空間可選擇,玩家進入密室空間後,需在有限時間內完成所有關卡任務,才能成功"逃脫"。這個活動既有趣又具挑戰性,透過不同關卡的挑戰及解謎過程,啟發孩子的邏輯思考和問題解決能力,並培養學習團隊合作。 玩密室逃脫只要兩個人就可成行,多人也很棒,我們可帶您的孩子一起參加,挑戰謎題,陪他一起闖關冒險! 這個遊戲比較適合8歲以上的孩子,也不是所有的主題都適合孩子參加。我們推薦在台北幾間不錯的店家,分別位於: 西門町、東區、台北火車站、民權西路等地點。我們可以按您的需求與地點,跟您一起討論最合適的選擇。 ——————費用—————— 服務費依時間長度 & 孩子人數而定 + 孩子及陪玩老師的密室逃脫費: 每人[550~700]元,人多相對較便宜。 —————————————— *體驗活動的費用不是由我們決定,我們只是根據它們的網站資訊提供估算。 [English] "Escape Room" is a type of "reality game". There are various simulated situation spaces with different themes to choose from. After entering the escape room, players need to complete all level tasks within a limited time in order to successfully "escape". It is an interesting and challenging immersive game. Through the challenge and puzzle-solving process, children work on their logical thinking, problem-solving and ability to work in teams. We can play escape room with just 2 people! It's also great to play with multiple people. We can accompany your children to experience this fun activity, go through different level of challenges and go on adventures with them! This games is more for children above 8yo. Not all themes are suitable for children. The following are the locations of escape room shops we recommended in Taipei:Ximending, East District, Taipei Railway Station, Minquan West Road, etc. We can discuss the best options for you based on your needs and location. ——————PRICE—————— Our service fee depending on the duration & number of kids + the escape room fees for the kids and our guide NT$ [550-700]/person, it's comparatively cheaper if more children. ——————————————— *The activity fees do not depend on us, we just give you an estimation based on their websites.

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