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台北天文館 Taipei Astronomical Museum


[中文] 台北天文博物館是一個令人驚奇值得探索的地方!孩子在這裡可以一探地球至銀河系的知識與奧秘,讓他們感到 "走出了平常生活的世界"。孩子們在這裡將會非常高興地了解宇宙的奇妙,認識氣候的生成,不同星球的特色,還可透過互動裝置,體驗太空探索,還有執行未來世界的人們可能經歷的:住在太空城市要執行的任務! ——————費用—————— 服務費依時間長度 & 孩子人數而定 + 門票費:孩子20元,陪玩老師40元,6歲以下免費,劇場門票另計。 —————————————— *體驗活動的費用不是由我們決定,我們只是根據它們的網站資訊提供估算。 [English] The Taipei Astronomy Museum is a amazing place to discover! It allows children to explore knowledge and mysteries from the earth to the Milky Way, making them feel "out of the ordinary world". Here, children will be very happy to discover the wonders of the universe, the generation of climate, and the characteristics of different planets. They can also experience space exploration through interactive devices, as well as various interesting tasks that we might experience one day in the future: Living in a space city! ——————PRICE—————— Our service fee depending on the duration & number of kids + entrance ticket fees: kid NT$ 20, adult: NT$ 40, free under 6yo, additional charge if go to theaters. ——————————————— *The activity fees do not depend on us, we just give you an estimation based on their websites.

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要取消或重新安排您的預訂,請至少提前24小時與我們聯絡。To cancel or reschedule your booking contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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