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參觀袖珍博物館 Miniatures Museum


[中文] 袖珍博物館為亞洲第一座專門收藏當代袖珍藝術品的主題博物館,館內模型遵守國際標準比例製作,每個細節都鉅細靡遺地呈現出來,十分具可看性與學習價值。在欣賞的過程中,孩子的想像力與創造力會被啟發,並培養他們的美感與藝術賞析。 ——————費用—————— 服務費依時間長度 & 孩子人數而定 +門票費: 孩子150元,陪玩老師: 250元,6歲以下免費。 —————————————— *體驗活動的費用不是由我們決定,我們只是根據它們的網站資訊提供估算。 [English] "The Miniature Museum is the first theme museum in Asia that specializes in collecting contemporary miniature art. The models in the museum are made in compliance with international standard proportions. Every piece is presented in detail. Children's imagination and creativity will be inspired by visiting the exquisite artworks. It will also develop their sense of beauty and cultivated their appreciation of art. ——————PRICE—————— Our service fee depending on the duration & number of kids+ entrance ticket fees: kid NT$ 150, guide NT$ 250, free for under 6yo. ——————————————— *The activity fees do not depend on us, we just give you an estimation based on their websites.

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