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去兒童新樂園玩 Children Amusement Park


[中文] 台北兒童新樂園位於士林區,方便抵達。那裏有各樣遊樂設施讓孩子放電玩樂一整天:水果摩天輪、音樂馬車、尋寶船、受大家歡迎的碰碰車、宇宙迴旋等...還有可直接坐上操控的金剛機器人 ! 夏天 (6月底-9月) 加開小小水樂園,歡樂又消暑~ 兒童新樂園是一個可以歡樂度過時光的所在,無論是數小時或整天都很棒。 ——————費用—————— 服務費依時間長度 & 孩子人數而定 + 入場門票: 孩子15元,老師:30元,6歲以下免費 + 遊樂設施費用:一日劵: 每位孩子200元(含入場票),單項設施:[20-200]元。 —————————————— *體驗活動的費用不是由我們決定,我們只是根據它們的網站資訊提供估算。 [English] Taipei Children's Amusement Park is located in Shilin District, which is easily accessible. They have a variety of amusement rides for discharge children's energy all day long! Children can go on Ferris wheel, Ocean Carousel, pirate ships and the popular rides like bumper cars or wave swinger. They can also sit in the cool King Kong robots and enjoy the fun of controlling it . At summer time (end of June to September) they also have Little Water Park which is fun and refreshing! The park is a fun place to spend time at, no matter if for couple of hours or a full day. ——————PRICE—————— Our service fee depending on the duration & number of kids + the entrance tickets: kid NT$15 ; guide: NT$ 30 ; free under 6yo) + fees of rides: Day coupon: NT$ 200 (including entry fee). Single ride: NT$[20-200]. ——————————————— *The activity fees do not depend on us, we just give you an estimation based on their websites.

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