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DIY手作蛋糕 DIY cake

(2小時以内的服務 Service up to 2 hours)


[中文] 我們會在DIY烘焙坊動手做蛋糕! 每位孩童都會有自己的蛋糕,完成後可以帶回家與家人分享。 做蛋糕是個很棒的活動,說不定還能點燃孩子對烘焙的熱情呢! 不是每一間烘焙DIY店接受孩子。我們與三間接受孩子的烘焙DIY店工作。地點: 1. 西門 / 二二八和平公園附近 2. 東門站 3. 行天宮站。 我們將根據您的接、送地點,一起討論這三個地方中應該去哪一間。這也會取決於烘焙坊是否有空位。我們在您預訂後會立即和蛋糕店預約。 如果預約時間夠早,他們都應該有空位。但如果沒有空位,我們就得去另外一間。 我們將向您發送一份蛋糕清單供你選擇。活動不到2小時的話,並不是所有的蛋糕都能做到! —————————費用————————— 一個小孩 $ 1,200(每位小孩的費用=$ 1,200) 兩個小孩 $ 1,740(每位小孩的費用=$ 870) 三個小孩 $ 2,220(每位小孩的費用=$ 740) 四個小孩 $ 2,720(每位小孩的費用=$ 680) 五個小孩 $ 3,250(每位小孩的費用=$ 650) ->包含:由您選擇指定語言的陪玩,陪伴您的孩子2小時,時間包含在您指定的時間與地點接/送孩子、交通費、點心、保險、價格含稅。 ->不包含:DIY烘焙坊的費用(蛋糕費和第2人的茶水費) ———————————————————— ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English] We will go to a "Do It Yourself" cake shop to make our own cakes. Each kid will have his own cake to bring back home at the end. Great activity for kids and they might discover they are passionate by pastry! Not all DIY cake shops accept kids. We work with three shops which accept kids, they are at the following locations: 1. near 西門 (Ximen) / 二二八和平公園 (228 Peace Park) 2. near 東門站 (Dongmen station) 3. near 行天宮站 (Xingtian Temple station). We will propose you to go to one of these three depending on your pick-up and drop-off locations. Note that it also depends on if your desired date&time is still available for booking in their shop. We book the cake shop immediately after you book with us. If you book with us early enough, all shops should be available, but we might have to go further if the closest option is already fully booked. We will send you a list of cakes for you to choose from. Not all cakes will be available if the total activity is less than 2 hours. —————————PRICE————————— 1 KID $ 1,200(Price per kid=$ 1,200) 2 KIDS $ 1,740(Price per kid=$ 870) 3 KIDS $ 2,220(Price per kid=$ 740) 4 KIDS $ 2,720(Price per kid=$ 680) 5 KIDS $ 3,250(Price per kid=$ 650) ->Includes: One guide accompanying in the language of your choice for up to 2 hours, with pick-up/drop-off at your desired times & places + transport + snacks + insurances + taxes. ->Does NOT include: what the DIY cake shop will charge, we will add it to our invoice according to the cake you choose. —————————————————————

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要取消或重新安排您的預訂,請至少提前24小時與我們聯絡。To cancel or reschedule your booking contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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