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跳跳床與忍者障礙公園 Trampoline & ninja park

(Permanently closed!!)


[中文] 我們會帶著您的孩子一起到Ninja Factory忍者工廠台北中山店玩樂。這裡提供小朋友刺激好玩且種類豐富的室內運動空間,想要挑戰彈翻床、空中翻滾、灌籃或極限躲避球,小朋友都可以在安全的環境中體驗,下雨天也不怕沒地方運動! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English] We will take your children to the Taipei Zhongshan branch of Ninja Factory, and have a lot of fun. Ninja Factory is a great entertainment center. They provide children with an exciting and fun indoor sports space. Children who want to challenge their bouncing skills, climbing skills, basket dunks and others, can all safely experience it there!

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或是加入我們的LINE(以下QR code)Or add our LINE account(QR code hereunder) Center for Innovation Taipei, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan


要取消或重新安排您的預訂,請至少提前24小時與我們聯絡。To cancel or reschedule your booking contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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