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公園玩耍 Go play games in a park

(10小時以内的服務 Service up to 10 hours)


[中文] 我們會帶孩子到大安森林公園,或其他交通方便、適合辦活動的大型公園裡玩耍。我們會視小朋友的心情與喜好陪伴他們玩遊戲與式運動,例如:踢足球、玩軟式飛盤、軟式迴旋鏢、風箏、棋盤遊戲、紙牌遊戲等。 請留意,若天候不佳,我們將取消此活動,您可選擇參加其他活動。 —————————費用————————— 一個小孩 $ 3,630(每位小孩的費用=$ 3,630) 兩個小孩 $ 5,000(每位小孩的費用=$ 2,500) 三個小孩 $ 6,300(每位小孩的費用=$ 2,100) 四個小孩 $ 7,800(每位小孩的費用=$ 1,950) 五個小孩 $ 9,450(每位小孩的費用=$ 1,890) 包含:由您選擇指定語言的陪玩,陪伴您的孩子10小時,時間包含在您指定的時間與地點接/送孩子、交通費、兩餐的餐費、點心、保險、價格含稅。 ———————————————————— ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English] We will go to either Da'an Park or another big park conveniently located regarding the participants. We will play various games and activities like football, soft-frisbee and soft-boomerang, kite, boards games etc. depending on the mood of the children. Note that for this activity will be cancelled if the weather is not appropriate. In this case, we will propose you an alternative activity. —————————PRICE————————— 1 KID $ 3,630(Price per kid=$ 3,630) 2 KIDS $ 5,000(Price per kid=$ 2,500) 3 KIDS $ 6,300(Price per kid=$ 2,100) 4 KIDS $ 7,800(Price per kid=$ 1,950) 5 KIDS $ 9,450(Price per kid=$ 1,890) Includes: One guide accompanying in the language of your choice for up to 10 hours, with pick-up/drop-off at your desired times & places + transport + 2 meals + snacks + insurances + taxes. —————————————————————

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要取消或重新安排您的預訂,請至少提前24小時與我們聯絡。To cancel or reschedule your booking contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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