Superkid 超悅小子
LIFT ECA 2022/2023


Dear parents,

Welcome and congratulations on choosing to enroll your children at LIFT!


We, Superkid 超悅小子, share a lot in common with LIFT when it comes to the vision, values and ambition for the education of our children. It is therefore a pleasure and an honor to have partnered with them to propose this innovative and unique extracurricular activity program for your children.


This page explains everything about the program, its organization, etc. You can download the PDF version if you want to save or print this information.

Pour accéder à ces informations en français merci de cliquer ici.



Our team of guides is used to bring kids around the city to enjoy activities which are both fun and educational. But for this semester-long or year-long program we decided to be even more ambitious and choose to work on some important themes, hoping to contribute to the development of some of your children’s soft-skills over the course of the year.


The year will thus be divided into 4 sections where we learn to embrace diversity, grow in awareness, dare to explore and live in community. We searched for the best activities to do within these themes (and within the constraints that we had) to build the program. There is a range of different activities (culture & art, sport, games, visits, etc.) but every experience will help the children one way or another to gain understanding of the theme.

We shall only present things from a general point of view, neutrally, for the sake of discovery and awareness. In particular, for activities related to religion in the theme of Diversity & Respect, we shall not direct the children into the details of beliefs and strictly respect the principle of a secular education.

Also, the program is designed in hopes that they learn more about the local culture as we believe that being in an international school should not prevent them from understanding and connecting with the society they live in.


In the end, we believe we have come up with an exciting program of safe, fun and educational activities, all serving a greater purpose. We can’t wait to get started and have our professional guides bring your child out of campus every Wednesdays to experience them all!


Registrations open per semester:

1st semester: week 1 to week 18 (18 weeks)

2nd semester: week 19 to week 36 (18 weeks)


→Registrations are open to children of all levels CP to CM2.

→We offer 3 distinct groups in parallel: 1 conducted in French, 1 in English and 1 in Mandarin. Themes and activities are the same for each group. But, unless specified otherwise, the 3 groups are not doing the activities at the same time (see calendar below). You can choose in which group you want to register your kid. But note that these are not language classes, so please register your child in a group for which he/she is at ease with the language so that he/she can make the most of the activities!

→The size of each group is minimum 3 and maximum 6 kids. So this program accepts a maximum of 18 kids. We advise to register your children early to secure your spot(s) before it's too late.

Four themes:

1st semester

(3 groups of 6 kids maximum each)

Theme 1: Diversity & Respect (realize that diversity is everywhere and needs to be respected & cherished)

→Weeks 1 to 8 (8 weeks) so until Autumn break


Theme 2: Awareness (become more aware of the world and society you live in)

→Weeks 9 to 18 (10 weeks) so until Chinese New year

2nd semester

(3 groups of 6 kids maximum each)

Theme 3: Exploration (dare, search and push the boundaries of your world)

→Weeks 19 to 26 (8 weeks) so until Spring break


Theme 4: Community & Friendship (learn to live with others and realize that together we are stronger)

→Weeks 27 to 36 (10 weeks) so until Summer break

The main activities for each theme:


1: Learn about Taiwanese aboriginal culture at the Ketagalan Culture Center in Xinbeitou (introducing the various plains indigenous cultures).

2: Have fun at the Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park

3: Get an overview of the diversity of beliefs & faiths around the world at the Museum of World Religions in New Taipei City.

4: Visit the Taipei Grand Mosque next to Daan Forest Park and learn about Islamic customs.

5: Visit Taipei Confucius Temple and Baoan Temple in Yuanshan.

6: Meet, share and sing with migrant workers from southeast Asia (co-organized with a local association).

7: Organize an activity with students of the Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired (臺北市立啟聰學校)

8: Accompany a handicapped person on a hike with a joëlette (with the help of the association 台灣多元探索教育協會)


1: We know where vegetables come from, but we realize it even better when putting our hands into the soil. Let's go gardening!

2: Collect wastes during a little hike on the Four Beasts hills behind the campus.

3: Beach cleaning at Tamsui's Shalun Beach (accessible with MRT red-line and light-rail tram). [All 3 groups together]

4: Visit PACK's animal Sanctuary & Shelter.

5: Understand how water gets to our faucets by visiting the Museum of Drinking Water and have fun in the Taipei Water Park.

6: Understand how mail-delivery works by visiting the great Post Museum near the Botanical Garden.

7: Understand the science behind everyday life tools and phenomenons at the Science Education Center.

8: Enjoy a scavenger hunt linked to awareness

9: Visit the Fire Safety Museum to build awareness about the dangers of various natural disasters.

10: Learn about the troubled times which led to today's society or about the efforts to preserve democracy by visiting the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall & Taipei 228 Memorial Museum, or the Armed-Forces Museum or the Air-Force Museum.



1: Birds and insects scavenger-hunt at Guandu Nature Park.

2: Short hike to Laodifang Lookout, which offers a great view of downtown Taipei (walkable from MRT Jiantan Station).

3: The ultimate exploration at the Astronomy museum.

4: Short hike to Junjianyan which offers a great view of Tianmu (walkable from MRT Shipai Station).

5: Take the sky gondolas to Maokong and explore the surroundings.

6: Explore old Taipei

7: Walk around the unusual artist village of Treasure Hill before having fun at Gongguan Waterfront Plaza.

8: Cross the Bitan suspension bridge and check-out the mysterious Hemei hill in Xindian.



1: Treasure-hunt where they have to team-up and help each-other to succeed.

2: Games and challenges, in Daan Forest Park or on campus, where they will realize they better team-up and help each-other to get the most rewards. [All 3 groups together]

3: Make “Thank You” cards and go hand-them-out to people in public service (police officers, garbage collectors, MRT workers, libraries, etc.)

4: Help an association in their efforts to redistribute to those in need.

5: An activity linked to physical disability and talk about what is an inclusive society.

6: Visit of a retirement house to play games, sing songs or do some art with senior citizens.

7: Cooperate to eventually get out of the fun Escape-Room game we will go to.

8: Choose a rainy Wednesday to go play Board Games in a Cafe in a friendly atmosphere. We will favor teamwork and make good memories.

9: Indoor rock-climbing. Encouragement from their peers will motivate kids make it to the top!

10: Ninja factory. Bonus activity. Outside the theme but definitely a great activity kids will love to finish the year! [All 3 groups together]

Disclamer: We will try our best to do all of these activities; but since some of them depend on third-parties and/or on the success of ongoing or new partnerships, we cannot guarantee to be able to realize all of them. Should an activity not be able to go forward we will replace it with another one, trying our best to preserve the theme and quality of the program.

Calendar of the activities:

This is a tentative calendar only. In case of bad weather we might switch the dates of outdoor activities with the dates of indoor ones.
Activities in CAPITAL LETTERS will be done with kids of all 3 language groups together.


Theme 1: Diversity & Respect



1 to 8

Theme 2: Awareness



9 to 18


Theme 3: Exploration



19 to 26

Theme 4: Community & Friendship



27 to 36

Unfolding of each week's activity:

  • Introduction to our theme and Rules&Safety (only the first week of each new theme)

  • Reminder of Rules&Safety

  • "Conglom" (daily discussions and team-building activities to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of students)

  • Transportation

  • Activity itself!

  • Snacks

  • Debrief

  • Transportation to drop-off point(s)

Notes on groups & logistics:

Each group will be led by 1 guide.

The guide will use only French, English, or Chinese depending on the group. However, all our guides can speak at least both English and Chinese and will of course switch language if there is a need for the safety or comfort of the kids.

In order to allow the kids to build a stronger connection with the guide they will have throughout the semester, we plan to limit the changes in personnel and allocate maximum 2 guides to each group for the entire duration of the semester. But kindly note that, despite our efforts, we might have to change the guide on some dates in case of human resource shortage. In all cases rest assured that the guide will be one of our professional team at Superkid 超悅小子 and up to the standard that you can expect.


In terms of logistics, the guide will pick-up his/her group of kids at LIFT campus at 13:30 and arrange the activity times so that they finish around 16:45.

One, or a couple of, drop-off locations and times will be decided together with the families who registered, according to their preferences. You will not have to go to the LIFT to pick-up your child. We will most likely be able to propose you more convenient pick-up locations.

For example, a pick-up location at Yuanshan at 16:45.

Or two pick-up locations, a first place at 16:30 in the city center along the red line like Daan or Dongmen, then a second place at 17:00 further north on the red line at Zhishan station, for parents in Shilin/Tianmu.


1st Semester (18 Wednesdays)


Theme 1: Diversity & Respect (8 Wednesdays)
Theme 2: Awareness (10 Wednesdays)

20,700 TWD per child

2nd Semester (18 Wednesdays)


Theme 3: Exploration (8 Wednesdays)


Theme 4: Community & Friendship (10 Wednesdays)

21,600 TWD per child

Is included:

  • accompaniment by one of our guides in the chosen language from 13:30 to 16:45 1 2 for the 18 Wednesdays of the semester, with pick-up at the LIFT and drop-off at one, or two, convenient locations for everyone

  • all transportation

  • one snack per Wednesday

  • costs of the activities themselves (entrance tickets, local guides...) for our guides and the children

  • insurance

  • tax


1 the exact end time may vary depending on what we agree with the parents of the registered children.


2 in case of delay of the parents we have a tolerance of 15min then will charge 10nt per minute of delay from the 16th minute. In case of systematic delay of a family, we lower the tolerance period to 10min starting on the 4th delay included and charge from the 11th minute.

About Superkid 超悅小子:



In a nutshell, we are a multicultural team providing services to families based in the Greater Taipei area. Our main service is a personalized child accompaniment service. It is a door-to-door service to take the children of our clients (usually one family, sometimes 2 or 3 who come together) to go out do activities. This service is practical for parents who are very busy but do not want to put their children in cram schools 7 days a week. Or for parents who do not have the necessary family support to ask for help when an emergency calls, or simply the desire to do something on their own.

In addition, we propose activities that seek to build up children. In particular, there is a lot of work to be done on "soft-skills". Many values, which we consider key to building the citizens of tomorrow, such as curiosity and awareness, are too little present in local traditional education. Some parents, while they may have the time to take care of their children, seek our services specifically for this reason.

Finally, thanks to our multilingual and multicultural team, we let the parents choose the language used during the service (today 5 languages are available including French, English and of course Mandarin). This is a huge added value and, in fact, a good part of our clientele comes to allow their children to practice languages in a natural context, outside the classrooms and expose their kids to other cultures.

We have about half of our business volume on "recurring" services where some of our guides take care of a family's children each week on set time slots, picking them up from school and play with them, can help with homework etc.




We are a young and small company. However, we are building solid and after less than 2 years of existence and despite covid we are proud to have:

  • an officially registered company, 至岳有限公司 (Superkid being our brand and not the official name of the company) registration number 83592326.

  • checked the legal feasibility with several lawyers (we offer a service that is new in Taiwan and wanted to check not to depend on existing legal frameworks, and the rules that derive from them, such as 補習班, 保姆, etc.)

  • an insurer, Fubon, which trusts us and insures our activities despite the new type of our business

  • reached financial equilibrium at the end of last year

  • in the startup ecosystem, the support of private (such as Launchpad iiiNNO) and public (such as the SMEA incubator 深耕創業 which has chosen to highlight Superkid stakeholders





You may have questions about our team and the security of our service.

About our team you will find a brief presentation of each of our guides on this page:

We can provide the IDs and some background-check documents like criminal records etc of each of our guides on-demand. You are also welcome to get in touch to get to know us more. We can even plan to meet beforehand if you wish so. It is important that everything is clear with our guides as they will have the final responsibility of your child.


As for safety we take this responsibility extremely seriously and, rather than long speeches, we have listed all the actions that we are concretely putting in place to have the safest possible service, at all levels. Please see:






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Thanks for reading. Our team will be happy to assist if you have any question, but please note that registrations for this program are made directly via the LIFT.

We look forward to meeting you and your children for an exciting year of experience and growth!


Best regards,
The Superkid超悅小子 team

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